IV Sedation Dentistry in Wyoming, MI

For many of us, going to the dentist means going where we really, really don’t want to be. While that’s an unfortunate stereotype that’s as outdated as it is undeserved, the fact remains that many people are afraid they will experience pain while undergoing dental procedures.

But at the dental office of Metro Dental Associates, even the most skittish patients can feel at ease under IV sedation, which is often referred to as twilight sedation. This form of anesthesia allows patients to feel comfortable and relaxed heading into dental procedures they would otherwise feel upset or worried about.

How Is IV Sedation Administered?

Dentists will place a thin needle into one of your arm or hand veins. The needle will be attached to an intravenous tube on the other end. This tube will carry numbing medication that will also calm your nerves and put you in a relaxed, almost subconscious state. Then, usually within a few minutes, you will drift off to sleep and shouldn’t remember anything from the dental procedure.

How Does IV Sedation Affect You?

IV sedation will immediately begin to soothe you to the point where you won’t even feel worried about your upcoming procedure, before helping you drift to sleep. Patients will spend the rest of the procedure drifting in and out of sleep (which is where the “twilight sleep” moniker comes from).

How Safe Is IV Sedation?

Because IV sedation essentially uses as little medication as necessary to relax you so your dental surgeon can complete a full treatment in your mouth promptly and efficiently, it’s very safe. In fact, it’s even safer than oral sedation. Plus, dentists can administer a sedative antidote into your IV at any time to reverse the sedative’s effects instantly.

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