CEREC Same Day Crowns in Wyoming, MI

Same Day Crowns In Wyoming, MI

Anyone who has ever needed a dental crown knows that getting a crown takes time. That’s because dentists have to turn to an outside dental lab to craft your new crown, which can take weeks. Here at Metro Dental Associates, we know that it’s important to get the dental care you need but we also know that you don’t have time to fuss with rushing back and forth to the dentist’s office. So, if you need to get a dental crown here in Wyoming, MI, our dental team can design, craft, and place your dental crown all in one day.

No, this isn’t a joke! We can still provide our patients with the same durable, long-lasting, and realistic crowns (as well as veneers, onlays, and inlays) that they know and trust, but now we can place your permanent crown in just one appointment. Once we determine that you are right for same day (or CEREC) crowns, then we can get to work.

What Are Same Day Crowns?

Same day crowns are just like traditional crowns in that they are custom made to fit the shape and size of your smile; however, instead of fooling with messy putty to take impressions of your mouth, we will snap a few digital images of your tooth (it’s quick, easy and mess-free!). The technology is far more advanced and precise, ensuring that we get incredibly accurate measurements of your teeth that we couldn’t get with traditional impressions.

These images are then uploaded to our computer where specialized software helps us design your crown right here in our office. No need to turn to an outside dental lab when we have the tools and technology to craft your beautiful new restoration right here at our Wyoming, MI, office.

Once the crown has been designed, we will put these measurements and data into the milling machine. Then we will choose the appropriate color of porcelain from which to chisel out your crown. Once the block of porcelain has been chosen and placed into the milling station, it will get to work fabricating your crown. In only a few minutes, the crown has been made and is ready for us to fit and cement into place over your tooth.

Same-day crowns make it possible to get the restorative dentistry you need in just one visit. No messy impressions, no multiple visits, and no need for that flimsy, bulky temporary crown. CEREC technology has changed the way we do restorative dentistry for the better.

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